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Office Cleaning FAQ

Find The Right Answers To Your Common Questions Below!

What Is Commercial Cleaning?
Commercial cleaning is providing cleaning services to a business – from small bars to large industrial warehouses. Most commonly, commercial cleaning services are provided to offices, government buildings, hospitals or retail stores on a regular basis.

Do You Provide Disinfection Services?
Yes! ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning by T & D provides office disinfection in the Neptune, NJ area. We also provide disinfection services for many commercial and industrial facilities, like hospitals, government buildings, hotels, religious buildings and more!

Do I Need To Have A Service Contract?
No, you don’t need to lock into any service contracts. ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning by T & D provides project-based cleaning services for your one-time cleaning and disinfecting needs.

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Do You Use Green Cleaning Methods?
Yes! As an experienced commercial cleaning company, we’ve come up with methods that are healthier for the environment and vulnerable people.

Do you accept Credit Cards?

Do you give long term commitment discounts?

Are you insured?
Yes, we are insured.

Are windows included in your service? Outside & Inside?
Yes, we clean the insides of windows and we can also clean outdoor window surfaces on the first floor.

How often do you recommend scheduling cleaning services for an office?
We recommend cleaning services at least once per week for standard offices.

Can you customize your cleaning services based on our specific needs?
Yes, we offer a whole spectrum of cleaning services.

What types of cleaning products do you use, and are they environmentally friendly?

We have a lot of different cleaning chemicals and we give multiple options to our customers including green products.

Are your janitorial staff trained and experienced in office cleaning?
Yes, we have been in business for over three years

What safety measures do you have in place to protect our office and belongings during cleaning?
We follow any office rules regarding mask-wearing. We also make sure to handle all electronics carefully and do not allow damp cleaning chemicals to be used on anything with exposed circuitry or wiring.

Do you offer cleaning services outside of regular office hours?
Yes, we will do any cleaning service at any time of the day or night.

Can you provide references or client testimonials for your janitorial services?
Yes, check our google listing or website.

How do you handle security and access to our office premises during cleaning?

We will give the decision maker of the office multiple options for how they want to handle it. We can use a key, access code, or we can have somebody let us into the building.

What is your process for handling and disposing of waste and recyclables?
We will not typically cart waste or recycling off premises, so we will require a dumpster or recycling unit on the property.

Do you offer carpet cleaning services as part of your office cleaning package?
Yes, we have a van outfitted for carpet cleaning and portable units both as carpet cleaning options. We use our ServiceMaster branded carpet shampoo and hot water extraction.

Can you accommodate special requests for cleaning specific areas or surfaces?
Yes, we have task lists and notes for all of our regular recurring cleaning accounts. Our cleaners will sign off on those task lists every time they clean to ensure the job is being done properly.

How do you handle cleaning and sanitizing restrooms and common areas?
We have dedicated pink microfiber cloths that we use to ensure that any cloth being used to clean the restrooms will not be used anywhere else in the office. We also ensure that anything used to clean the insides of toilets, sinks, and urinals are not being used to clean anything else in the restroom.

Are you insured and bonded in case of any accidents or damages during cleaning?
Yes, we are insured.

How do you handle emergency cleaning situations or last-minute requests?
If we can fit them into our schedule, we will absolutely take the job. If we need some time or more information, we will send out a representative on the day you called and take a look at the emergency and determine when we can fit it into our calendar. We are usually able to service these types of situations within 48 hours.

Can you provide a detailed breakdown of the costs and pricing for your janitorial services?
Our costs are entirely built on our employee’s time commitment to doing the job. Our prices are a standard price calculation of area and cleaning rate, plus a little bit for our supply cost.

What measures do you take to ensure the health and safety of your cleaning staff?
We make sure our staff always wears gloves while they clean your workstations and we make sure that they are adhering to a regular schedule for cleaning.

Do you offer regular inspections or follow-up visits to ensure customer satisfaction?
We typically will send a supervisor to every one of our customers at least once per month.

Can you provide additional services like window cleaning or floor maintenance?
Yes, we do clean many windows for our customers and we also do regular floor stripping and resurfacing for finished tile flooring.

How do you handle special cleaning requirements for sensitive equipment or materials?

We have many certifications that we acquire to clean special medical equipment, clean rooms, and other equipment and materials that require specific cleaning knowledge.

Clean Work Spaces are Important

What is your cancellation or rescheduling policy for cleaning appointments?
We require at least 48 hours notice for cancellation and rescheduling. We are happy to change the day and time we will clean your office, but we need to communicate with you to find out what day and time will work for our crew and your staff.

Are there any specific protocols or certifications your janitorial staff adhere to?
Yes, ServiceMaster has a protocol called capture and removal. We specifically clean with a top-down strategy (meaning higher surfaces get cleaned before lower ones). We do this so that dirt and dust does not accumulate on lower surfaces after cleaning higher surfaces. Additionally, we will always vacuum or sweep to remove any dirt, dust, or refuse from the floor of your business, so it is removed of anything that would be left behind.

How long has your company been providing janitorial and office cleaning services?
We have been in business for over three years and have many other services besides office cleaning!